Picture Perfect

photo from simply breakfast

Sometimes routines can be exactly what you need to get you through the day.  Maybe it’s that mid-morning cup of coffee, or that escape into a super-addictive teen read on your evening commute home from work or school.  However, sometimes routines can just get, well, boring.  (Like eating toast every day for breakfast, which is why I’m sitting here talking to you in the first place, remember?)  So what’s the best cure for boredom?  Ideas.  Lots of ideas.  And as it turns out, us celiacs may be in need of even more gluten-free food ideas than I’d imagined.

An article that appears in the Fall 2010 issue of Allergic Living Magazine (which, by the way, is a fantastic resource for anyone with any sort of food allergy or intolerance) quotes a Canadian Celiac Association survey that found 32% of respondents admitted intentionally eating foods that contain gluten at least once a year.  That’s a LOT of cheater, cheater, gluten-eaters!  So why is this number so high?  Why are people continuing to intentionally damage their gut?  Personally, I think it’s because it’s so easy to get overwhelmed or discouraged with the gluten-free diet.  It can be difficult to sift through all the gluten-free products out there to find ones you enjoy enough to replace your favourite gluten-containing foods.   It can also be hard to remember that there are lots of fantastic foods out there that are gluten-free without even trying (hello, scrambled eggs?  Bacon?  Thick Greek yogurt with blueberry compote?  I could go on and on…).

You know that old saying, “a picture’s worth a thousand words”?  Well, today I’m taking that to heart.  Instead of using words to inspire your gluten-free breakfast, I’m going to give you pictures.  That’s right.  I’m sending you over to feast on the beautifully photographed blog, simply breakfast.  The author, Jen, posts near-daily photos of her breakfasts.  And there is so much variety, it’s amazing!  (click on the comments link below each picture if you want to know exactly what she’s cooked up that day)

Now, if you snoop around this blog a bit, you’ll probably end up saying to yourself, “Aha!  What kind of wool does she think she’s pulling over my eyes?!  I wasn’t born yesterday.  This is NOT a gluten-free blog.”  But hang onto your hat, because I think that’s OK, and for several reasons.  First, a lot of her breakfasts are either naturally gluten-free, or can easily made to be so.  As for the ones that might be a little more difficult to pass off as gluten-free? (I’m talking to you, cinnamon pecan sticky bun on October 19th)  I look at them as inspiration for challenging myself to come up with my own celiac-friendly versions.  That’s what I’m going to do, anyway.  So cheat on my gluten-free diet?  Never.  Because why shouldn’t we have our gluten-free (breakfast) cake and eat it too.  Post your comments and let me know what your visit to simply breakfast has inspired you to make gluten-free today.

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